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Some Recent Trips during the summer of 2019
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A short 30 minute train ride out of Tokyo to an old castle.
2 lookouts with big views on the Yakama Indian Nation. Required a special tour and we were able to open Status lookout for the season.
This lookout is one of the oldest in Washington, restored and a nice hike to reach.
Not easy to reach, Mebee Pass is probably still around because it was forgotten deep in the North Cascades.
Located on the Colville Tribe lands, this lookout requires a bit of tricky road work and route finding.
This crows nest is still standing, one of the most impressive crows nests ever.
Mebee Pass Lookout
Odawara Castle, Japan
Status Peak
Strawberry Mountain Lookout
Columbia Mountain
Meadow Butte Lookout Tree
Standing Colville Tribe Lookouts
Other Former Lookouts
Togo Mountain
Vulcan Mountain
Moon Mountain
Blue Slide
Darland Mountain
Whitestone Ridge Lookout
Omak Mountain Lookout
Armstrong Lookout
Keller Butte Lookout
Tokyo, Japan
In August, Rachelle and I climbed Mt. Fuji during the night. We arrived at the top during sunrise with around 1000 others.
Mt. Fuji Climb
Located one foot from the International Border with Canada, this tower still stands, as does the former lookout on the Canadian side.
Monument 83 Lookout
South Baldy Lookout Tower
Goose Creek
Best Choice Realty
Johnny George Lookout
Columbia Mountain Meadow Butte Mebee Pass Monument 83 Fuji Odawara South Baldy Status Peak Strawberry Tokyo,
Signal Peak
Whitestone Ridge armstrong
South Baldy is one of the best views north of Spokane. We camped at the summit, accessable by high-clearance vehicles. Below are a few others visited.
Red Butte
Also nearby was the old camp at:
Gold Mountain Lookout
Lorena Butte
And private lookout at:
Marble Mountain
Simcoe Butte
Sedge Ridge
Nestor Peak
Little Baldy Peak
Byles Lookout
Bear Creek Mountain
Lynx Mountain
Diamond Gap
Verlot Point
Aldrich Butte
Moses Mountain Lookout
Rachelle and I spent several days seeing all the sights we wanted to see in Tokyo.