This was a camp in the 1930s. Today, communication towers are on summit and nobody has found any relics of the camp. If you find something or know some history, please contact me.
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Lookout Elevation: 5,329 feet
Hiking Distance: Drive-up
County: Okanogan

Goat Mountain Lookout Camp

Location said to be at the named summit.
Use the Antoine Creek road, on up FS Road 8140. Turn onto FS Road 145, then onto FS Road 149. Most cars should do fine to within the last half mile. Another route is FS Road 8140, a high traverse road connecting to the Cooper Ridge Road. This road should be good for most vehicles as long as it is dry.
Goat Mountain map Communication site Goat Mountain Communication site Goat Mountain Goat Mountain
Summit area is really flat
Another tower going up
Communication site
Communication site
Most views gone