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Cutts Island is just 2 acres, located in Carr Inlet. The State Park is very close to Kopachuck State Park State Park but they are separate, since Kopachuck has no boat launch site. During low tide, the sandy beaches are nice and offer much more room for roaming around the island. Climbing up into the interior of the island are a few trails through nice shaded forest with a few good overlooks at the top of the clay bluffs. There is even a rope swing if you dare. Wildlife is unlikely but during seal pup season, the pups rest on the sandy beaches. There are no amenities on the island like water, garbage or restrooms. Overnight camping and campfires are prohibited on the island.

Cutts Island State Park

Washington State Parks
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Cutts Island State Park sign
Cutts Island
Eastern shore
View from the bluffs
Sandy beach
Walking trail on the island
Western shoreline
View from the bluffs
South end of the island
Looking toward Kopachuck State Park