Tumac Mountain & Lookout Site

Lookout elevation: 6,340 feet
Elevation Gain: 2,050 feet
Distance: 3.75 miles
Access: Rough Gravel
Located on the high plateau between White Pass and Bumping Lake, in an area known for many lakes and meadows is a cinder cone volcano. The volcano is located all alone far removed from other mountains so it has over 1,100 feet of prominence. Tumac Mountain was named after two Macs, McDuff and McAdam, Scottish sheepherders. Two trails access the summit and although trees are starting to grow, much of the summit still offers views. The summit was in the clouds when I visited so I took a bunch of nice pictures from the web to show the view. Tumac is most notable for the fire lookout that was once on the summit. A camp was established in 1930. In 1937, an L-4 cab was built. It was removed by 1968. Bob Baldwin, former lookout at Tumac is quoted as saying about the summer bugs "Either I had to stay in the lookout and roast to death, or go outside and get eaten alive."
Former Lookouts
Take Highway 410 to the Bumping River Road. Follow the Bumping River Road to the lake where the road becomes gravel. It becomes the Deep Creek Road, which is bumpy and has had severe washouts in the past closing it from 2006 to 2013. Many free campsites are all along the road. At the trailhead is a small U.S. Forest Service campground. You can also hike to Tumac from Dog Lake at White Pass but it is about 8 miles to reach from there with a bit more elevation gain. The original access into the 1950's was via Summit Creek and the Soda Springs Campground. (Only a gravel road reached White Pass). Eight miles of trail (same #44) would get hikers & horse packs to the lookout.
Hike on trail 1.5 miles to the smaller Twin Lakes. Take a left at the lake and go a few minutes to a trail split. Go right on trail #44 and follow to the summit another 2.25 miles. The majority of uphill after the lake is at the end. The trail from the lake can hold snow into July and appears to get very wet.
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Washington Former Lookout Sites

tumac mountain map tumac mountain tumac mountain tumac mountain tumac lookout tumac lookout
Tumac Mountain around 1937
Tumac Mountain around 1950
tumac benchmark
Tumac Mountain Northeast 1929
Tumac Mountain Northwest 1929
Tumac Mountain South 1929
tumac mountain hiking trail trailhead tumac fire lookout tumac fire lookout Twin Sisters Lake William O Douglas Wilderness Mount Rainier Twin Sister Lakes hiking White Pass Ski Area sunset Dinner wilderness Tumac Mountain Trail tumac lookout
A small collection of junk at the summit
Tumac Reference Benchmark
Little Twin Sisters Lake
Twin Sisters trailhead
Dinner at the lake
Watching the sunset and the bats fly over the lake
Looking south to the White Pass Ski Area
Mount Rainier
Looking east
Tumac Mountain Trail
Near the summit with Twin Sister Lakes in the distance
Eastern William O Douglas Wilderness peaks
Lookout footings in 2015
Eyebolt 2015
SE from the footings