Former Lookouts
Elevation: 5,774 feet
Hiking Distance: Up to one mile
Elevation gain: 200 feet
Prominence: 646 rise
Other names: Entiat Ridge Peak
Access: Best with higher clearance

Swakane Ridge Lookout Site

Former Washington Fire Lookouts
Looking Southeast - September 13, 2017
One of the earliest sites, dating back to 1914 is Swakane Ridge. Stories from the Leavenworth Echo suggest the site was to be used for a heliograph station. Along with 3 other sites (Sugarloaf, Dirtyface, Tiptop), the 4 stations would send signals to Tumwater Mountain which had a phone line down to the Leavenworth Ranger Station. Just what was located on this summit is uncertain. On July 28, 1936, panoramics were taken from 14 feet above ground. Nothing from the images revealed the site had much else around. It is very possible this location became a patrol point for Chumstick, located 3 air miles away on the same ridgeline. If I had to guess, I would say Swakane Ridge was used until Chumstick road and structure was built in 1931, then Swakane Ridge became a patrol point from Chumstick. Apparently it was important enough to go back 2 years after the panoramics were taken from Chumstick Lookout.
Several options exist but I only know the access I used. I just followed the ridge road from Chumstick Mountain, probably around 4 miles. I would not trust the road conditions so a high clearance vehicle is best although I'm sure you could push a regular car beyond what is smart. I saw other trucks that came up other access roads. A motorcycle trail will take you to the top from either direction.
Access & Route:
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Looking North - July 28, 1936
Looking Southeast - July 28, 1936
Looking North - September 13, 2017 (at +6 feet)
Four lookout stations on high peaks that command a view of the surrounding country will be established.

The lookout men will be stationed on the following peaks:

Sugarloaf at the head of the Chumstick,
Swakane on the Entiat Range
Dirty Face at Lake Wenatchee
Tip Top near Blewett
March 20, 1914
Leavenworth Echo
leavenworth echo
Looking Southwest - July 28, 1936
Looking Southwest - September 13, 2017 (Jolly Mountain Fire Smoke)
Old fire ring at summit
Forgot metal detector to look for nails
Last part of trail up to Swakane Ridge site