There is little information about this location and Iíve yet to see it shown on a map. But the location is marked in several sources from previous researchers. It is reported to be a camp in the 1940s and in 1960 a cab and trailer. It was gone in 1966. I did not find any evidence on the summit but it had been logged a few times. The summit had an old road to the top and has been leveled a long time ago. The north half of summit was harvested around 2010, the south half in 2016.
Elevation: 1,646 feet
Distance: 1/2 mile or less
Elevation gain: 150 feet
Access: Gravel roads
Olympic Lookouts
Washington Lookouts
There are a few routes off Highway 101. At the time I visited, one route had no trespass signs while the other route had no signs prohibiting access. Expect changes. This is Quinault Tribe lands so having permission is best. I parked fairly low since I didnít have my updated map at the time I hiked it.

Gobbler Knob Lookout Site

gobbler knob map gobbler knob map gobbler knob gobbler knob
Flat summit of Gobbler Knob
Western point on the summit of Gobbler Knob
Summit area