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You pass right through Sequim Bay State Park on Hwy 101 just before entering Sequim. Although you canít see the water from the highway, the park has several water access points. Beach is limited but if you have a watercraft, you can easily get out on the water with its boat launch and large dock. The park is open year-round with camping and day-use facilities. A special feature passing through the park is the paved Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT), and a high bridge built in 2016, so bring a bicycle. A lighted underpass beneath Highway 101 leads to tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields on the south side of the park. Other activities include a swing set, horseshoe pits, an amphitheater and some short hiking trails. The park has three kitchen shelters, one with electricity, plus 10 sheltered and 15 unsheltered picnic tables. The park has 48 tent spaces, 15 utility spaces, three restrooms, and three showers. Visitors can head to nearby Sequim for groceries.
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Sequim Bay State Park

For the past century, the word "Sequim" was believed by many to mean "quiet waters." In 2010, a tribal linguist who is an expert in the study of dying languages determined the translation was wrong. The correct translation of "Sequim" is a "place for going to shoot," a reference to the Sequim-Dungeness Valley's once great elk and waterfowl hunting.
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Amphitheater Ball fields sequim bay bridge creek Discovery Trail bridge picnic area shelter Sequim Bay Sequim Bay Discovery Trail bridge sequim bay sign sequim bay state park sign Swings Tennis courts trail bridge state parks underpass picnic
Looking out to the entrance of Sequim Bay
Follow sign to route under the highway to the ballfields
Tennis courts
Sequim Bay
Discovery Trail through Sequim Bay State Park
Foot bridge over the creek
Ball fields
Large picnic area
Covered picnic area
Discovery Trail bridge from below
Foot bridge
Discovery Trail bridge
Sequim Sights