Located at the north end of the Hood Canal Floating Bridge, Shine Tidelands State Park is a mostly undeveloped park with good access right off the highway. There is always beach but when there is a low tide, you can walk up to 1.5 miles of beach to an even lesser developed State Park called Wolfe Property State Park. The park is popular with crabbers, shellfish harvesters and bird watchers. Popular water activities include kayaking and windsurfing. There are four unsheltered picnic tables and a port-a-potty. You can hand launch a small watercraft but that is about all. Although there is little development, the property has been owned by the park system since 1967. It was once part of the Wolfe Property named after the original owners Elmer and Sophia Wolfe. If you wanted to do a one way hike on the beach, there is vehicle access at the Wolfe Property State Park. To reach it, take Paradise Bay Road to Seven Sisters Road and follow to the end at a county parking lot with limited parking.
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Shine Tidelands State Park

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Picnic area
Hood Canal floating bridge
Hood Head from the picnic area
Hiking beach at high tide is difficlut
Distant Cascade Mountains - Whitehorse and Three Fingers
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Hood Head
Showing the State Parks properties of Shine Tidelands State Park and Wolfe Property State Park