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Similar to the ultra-light revolution when hiking, there has been a movement toward minimalist hiking. When it comes to footwear, that means no more boots. Minimalist footwear can range from nothing at all to something like moccasins or slippers. Now if this sounds crazy, let me exclaim that it is extremely comfortable, like walking in slippers around your house. Using the Softstarshoes Dash RunAmoc, you've got a lightweight, extremely flexible shoe that offers a minor sole with a touch of tread, yet you can still feel what's going on beneath your feet.

Being new to minimalist hiking, my first use would need to be conservative, so I tried them on a well established trail with boardwalks and pea-gravel, a distance of 4 miles. With a strong chill in the air, and the fact I am scared of cold feet, I wore socks, something that a purist might not do. Quickly, the realization that not wearing boots or even tennis shoes gave a feeling like I was gliding along the trail, not "hitting the trail". I was also advised beforehand to build my ankle and calf strength by starting small, building up to longer treks. Smart advise but I was feeling like I could go all day with these on. Interestingly, this particular hike had many threatening signs saying "boardwalks are slippery" but they were of no concern, wonderful traction on the "hiker tread" (two options available).

The next few hikes with my Dash RunAmoc were more rugged. Hiking trails with roots and rocks. This felt a bit strange at first, having used boots for decades, but you get a different perspective of the trail when hiking this way. Time will tell just how many miles these shoes will take me, I'm increasing my distance and confidence each trip.
By Eric Willhite
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You can store them under your seat in your car. You'll never leave them at home because they will always be with you, out of the way.
Some Unique Pros:
I don't like wet feet. Living in Western Washington, there are times certain trails are just full of mud and water. During these periods, your other footwear might be a better option.
Some Unique Cons:
When I carry a heavy overnight backpack full of climbing gear, I want the full ankle support of boots, and I rarely want to carry a basecamp shoe. But with the lightweight Dash RunAmoc, not much weight is added to the pack and I have a shoe capable for any hike around camp...or further.
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Made with Premium, formaldehyde-free leathers.
Choose your VibramTM rubber sole: 5mm Trail sole or 2mm Street sole.
Zero drop sole between toe and heel.
Spacious toe box allows feet to stretch comfortably.
Can be worn with or without socks.
Made in USA: designed and handcrafted in Oregon using US-sourced materials.